Pregnancy Blog – Mother’s Day Treat

Mother’s Day Treat

Even though our baby wasn’t “here” yet, he was definitely already testing me. He was helping me dig deep to find the skills I need to be a Mother. I had never imagined how much this pregnancy would affect my life. I was at home pretty much every day, limited with what I can do around the house. I was an emotional wreck some days and others days all I want to do is sleep!

However, despite all the troubles I experienced in my pregnancy, I was having an amazing time and enjoying becoming a Mother.

On Sunday the 26th March, we celebrated Mother’s day in the UK. The pain of my SPD had returned just in time for my first Mother’s day, but this time I felt differently about the pain. Now, it was a beautiful reminder that I am a Mother, that my baby is growing well and that my baby will be here soon.

I had a very special Mother’s Day treat to celebrate my first Mother’s Day.

We picked up my Neice, and then my Grandmother, and travelled to our local private Ultrasound Clinic to view the latest member of our family in 4D. It was a very special experience, I have decided to share with you 3 of my favourite photographs! 

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Being a Mother to an unborn child is life changing. Learning to live with his demands, and slowing down to ensure we are both healthy, has been tough. However, seeing his face and watching his movements inside of me during the 4D scan, was a great reminder that he is worth every sacrifice. 

Much love,

Hannah x