Pregnancy Blog – Baby Shower… So many questions!

What is a Baby Shower and Why do we have them?


Over the past few weeks, I have debating within myself whether to have a baby shower or not. It got me asking the fundamental questions… What is a Baby Shower? and Why do we have them?! 

There are quite a few celebrations we have picked up from America over the years. When I was a child there was no such thing as ‘Trick or Treating’, ‘Easter Egg Hunting’, and ‘Bridal Showers’ in the UK, although they were all regularly celebrated in America.

Baby Showers were also one of those things that they did in America, I had never heard of one in the UK, unless it was an American family! All these celebrations have now become a part of our Halloween, Easter and Family Celebrations.

So what is a Baby Shower?

A Baby shower is traditionally a celebration of a woman turning into a mother. A modern Baby Shower is usually organised for the special ladies in the Mother-to-be’s life, to come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby. The ‘shower’ is the showering of gifts. I found some interesting information about the history of Baby showers on Wiki.

Although I do really like the idea of a baby shower, there are so many added stresses that can occur when planning a Baby shower.

  • The usual party planning dilemmas – Who to invite? Entertainment, food etc.
  • We have everything we need!
  • I’m not at my best!

Plus, my husband and I don’t do things traditionally. I love that we are creating our own family culture and that we like to do things VERY differently to others. Our wedding, for example, was not a traditional wedding at all and I am sure that the Wedding venue will never have to do a wedding like ours again!

I have had lots of offers from friends to help organise a baby shower for me, but this pregnancy has been very tough and time has run away from me – now the baby is almost here!!! My SPD has made me less and less mobile, I am now needing lots of support to get around. The pain is evident on my face, and that is not particularly the image I want people to see! 

So, after very little discussion, My husband and I have decided to once again break the mold! An easy decision!!  We are going to have a baby shower when the baby is here! An actual birthday party, celebrating the birth! As my husband pointed out, “All the other birthdays are just anniversaries of his REAL birthday anyway!”

I will be blogging about the plans and preparations for our big event… but first, I need your help… any suggestions of what we will call the party?!

Much Love,