Pregnancy Blog – 4d Scan Experience


4D Scan Experience

I am a Mother, well, as I write this, I am a Mother to a child that has not yet been born. I really enjoyed being 32 weeks pregnant for my first Mother’s Day. We had made plans to celebrate in a very special way.

Together, with my Husband, Grandma and Neice, we travelled to our local 4d Scan.

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From what I understand, each region of the UK has different companies who provide private ultrasound scans. In my region. we can choose to have a private scan at the hospital, paying for the extra service, or at the local Ultrasound Direct clinic. Ultrasound Direct is a healthcare provider for private ultrasound scans and blood tests for all stages of pregnancy and women’s and men’s health. Our local clinic is in Kettering, UK.

The building was easy to find, and even my 4 yr old neice saw the numbers displayed clearly and we headed for the private and free car park. It was a beautiful sunny day and the building was beautiful.

We had the 4d Babybond Scan for £99 but there are scan options from £39 with Ultrasound Direct.

Unlike the NHS scans, which are offered at 12weeks and 20 weeks, the scan experience didnt feel rushed. The staff are trained to a high standard, but they have a great customer service too.

We arrived and sat in the waiting room while the scan room was being prepared for us. We were offered sweets and there was an activity table for keep my neice occupied too. 

When we were welcoming into the scan room I was very impressed. Not only was the bed much more comfortable than I was expecting, but also in there was ANOTHER activity table for my neice to use.

There was on the wall a big flat screen tv. This was were the images were displayed, it was great to see him on the big screen!

Also, being able to have more than one person in with me during the scan was a very special thing. We were allowed up to 5 people in the scan with us, and I loved that they were so child friendly. What a wonderful way to introduce to your child/children, that there will be an addition to the family. My neice loved seeing her baby cousin on the big screen. 

I had the chance to get two 4D scans done in my pregnancy, one at 24 weeks and one at 32 weeks – it was an incredible opportunity to see the growth of my unborn child.

I have included in this blog post a selection of photographs as a comparison. During both scans he was being a very good baby, and gave us some wonderful poses.

So, with a total of 4 scans I am feeling like I ‘think’ I know what he will look like when he is born. Along with the medical scans at 12weeks and 20 weeks, he has already had a taste of what is to come – LOTS of photographs being taken of him!

I am very aware that with 8 weeks to go, he still has some growing time, but this face is looking familiar already. I feel like when he is finally here in my arms, I will not be ‘too’ suprised by what he looks like.

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