We proudly support IMI

Ijih Memorial Initiative, IMI is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation founded with the vision of supporting peoples and rural communities in need. At IMI we are conversant with the ravages of economic hardship characterizing much of the developing world. Poverty has deprived many of human dignity, the very basic privileges of living in a civilized world. Food, Water, health, basic education and decent livelihood.

We are inspired to envision a world in which everyone shall have a fair opportunity to live and realize their God-given potential. We believe that the entire world is better off when all persons are able to contribute the unique talents gifted to them by nature. Based in Nigeria IMI seeks to partner with local community leaders and authorities to identify critical community based need, self-help initiatives and persons of charitable interest, and we respond by fundraising and mobilizing our professional partners and community volunteers, to execute projects / programmes aimed at bringing about a direct and sustainable impact.

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