We proudly support IMI

IMI, (Ijih Memorial Initiative) is a non-governmental organisation founded with the vision of supporting peoples and communities in need. At IMI, we acknowledge the constraints of government in providing basic social amenities and services across the board and consequently, we envision an interventionary role where people or communities may be circumstantially left behind. Poverty has deprived many of human dignity and very fundamental privileges of living in a civilised world, Shelter, water, primary health care and basic education.

IMI envisions a world in which the underprivileged child, man or woman has a fair opportunity to live and actualise their God-given potential. Based in Nigeria IMI partners with local community leaders and elders to identify critical community needs, self-help initiatives or persons of charitable interest, and we respond by fundraising and mobilising our professional partners and community volunteers, to execute projects aimed at bringing about a direct and sustainable impact.

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