My Border Collie – 8 years old

My Border Collie – 8 years old

On the 27th March, my beautiful boy turned 8 years old!!!

He has been with me through some tough times and some amazing times too! We have travelled the UK together and he has definitely been a loyal companion!!!

But what I love the most about him… He is not just my amazing dog, he is ours!!! Happy Birthday Gordon !!! Thank you for being such a special and amazing dog!

Happy Birthday to “our” beautiful boy Gordon!! Another year older and wiser, a little slower but as loyal and obedient as ever. I am proud to be your owner and enjoy every moment I get with you! Keep going, you are such a good boy! xxxx

3 thoughts on “My Border Collie – 8 years old

  1. What a beautiful dog! I miss mine so much when I’m away at uni 🙁

    1. Care4them

      Thank you, I can’t imagine life without a dog now. Hope you get to see them soon, good luck at Uni!

  2. What a sweet pup! I have always loved border collies for their sweet disposition and how great they are with families. I have a little Pomeranian who just turned one in March too 🙂

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