My Border Collie – Gordon Appreciation Week

My Border Collie

In May 2009 I spent the best £150 I have ever spent. This week, my Gordon turns 8 years old, what better way to celebrate than to share with you all how amazing he is!

When Gordon entered my life, I was determined to make sure that he was the best dog that anyone has ever met. I can humbly say, he makes me incredibly proud, and he has blossomed from a reckless puppy to a beautiful dog.

I have always loved animals, and had enjoyed looking after other people’s dogs as a teenager. My mother has a strong dislike to dogs, so I was never allowed one, but as soon as I moved out my dog hunting began. He needed to be a very well behaved dog, becasue otherwise my mother would not except him, so the training started very early! 

From a young age he was eager to please. He had masses of energy but I found ways to wear him out, and I made him practice being calm and relaxed. 

Many of you know and love him, he is a special dog indeed. When people meet him, they often ask “What tricks can do…?” Well, the list is endless! I have taught him to do ‘helpful’ things, and even children have trained him to do specific things, he truly is a clever dog!

Over the next few days, I am going to share with you some of the ways he blesses our lives. So keep posted to learn more about the lovely dog called Gordon…